I decided to write about Gratitude for my first post because I felt the need to.

Grateful for the blessings The Lord has blessed me with this past year. Grateful for my family, friends & of course boyfriend. They’re my biggest supporters & show me unconditional love everyday.

This is my gratitude journal, a few years ago I attended a Personal Development seminars in which the speaker was talking about keeping a Gratitude Journal. Why?

Simply because it helps you get through your bad days. You know, those days when you ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing (goal/career achieving) you ask yourself if it’s worth is, if it’ll even pay off, etc. We constantly beat ourselves up when we fall & forget to remind ourselves that we aren’t perfect. We aren’t meant to keep it together 24/7. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, and that’s why this journal has helped me. So when you have those “what if” days, you have your Journal to remind you of all the blessings you’re surrounded with. It reminds you that you have people that love you, you have a support system. 

Keeping a gratitude journal is something that’s definitely helped me through the tough times, especially staying positive.

Of course prayer & Gods word is my strength, but sometimes just simply reading your own writings of how great & blessed you are is what gives you that little spark to keep going. At least, that’s what’s helped me.

xo, Karen


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