Me, Myself & I.

There are many times during my day where I’m alone. Especially days when I get off of work early, I go off to do things, by myself. Not because I don’t have friends (I hope! Jk) but because I actually enjoy my own company.

I’ve asked many people if they would ever go out to a restaurant by themselves, or take a walk in the park, sit under a tree & read a nice book, or if they’d go shopping or simply any thing that everyone is used to doing In groups. Most of the time the answer is “no” or “heck no that’s embarrassing I would never!” There’s only quite a few that actually say yes. I’m one of those.

              Restaurant selfie!
I actually have gone to eat by myself, sat under a tree & read a book, go to my Nutrition Club office & just sit in silence as I write, draw or even workout! I love the feeling that comes with spending time with myself simply because it’s kind of like my escape from everything, not that everything is bad, I’m blessed! It’s just relaxing to me & I like my me time. 

 As a matter of fact, I took myself shopping the other day after work & since I’m in the church choir (that’ll be another post!) I’m on a mission to find cute dresses + skirts for low prices! 
I feel like I do it often but I do hangout with friends every now & then, also with my boyfriend of course! 

So, if you ever HAVE to spend time by yourself or do something alone, there’s no shame! We must learn to enjoy our own company every now & then because at the end of your day, it’s just you & yourself. So if you’ve never tried this, you should give it a try because you just might enjoy it.

Xo, Karen


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