What are you going to do with your life?

Isn’t this a beautiful question?

So, after graduation in 2011 I decided to go the the local community in the valley where I live & continue living with my parents. I was working part time & attending school part time as a Business Major. My boyfriend went off to college about an hour away so that was hard (yes, an hour makes a difference for 2 broke college kids ha!)

Since I graduated at 17, I still had to wait 2 months & a few days to get my drivers license because my car (1995 BMW) was already waiting for me on our driveway since it was a gift from my dad! The very day I turned 18, i passed my drivers test & received my license a few days later after passing the behind the wheel test! That very day I got my license, I had class BUT my best friend & I decided to take a trip to Riverside, CA to visit our boyfriends’ & go shopping! (Till this day, my parents have no idea!) unfortunately, though.. This sort of became a habit that distracted me from school! We started going from once a week, to twice a week to three times a week! All because we wanted to hangout with our significant others’ – thankfully, I was still able to keep track of my school work & assignments ’till summer after my second year in College.

Around the same time, my parents started their own business in a company named Herbalife (it’s a fast growing company! & it’s amazing!) I decided to take a “break from college” & start my own business. Eventually, I even quit my job. Now, I was receiving the proper training BUT I wasn’t putting forth the effort.

Fast forward 3 years later, and I have achieved quite a few levels with this very same company! But unfortunately, not enough to be living off of my business alone, so I am currently employed at a resort as a server. Sure there are days where I completely hate it, but I always remind myself how blessed I am to even have a job.

Why did I share this? Well because up until a few days ago, I was scrolling through my newsfeed comparing myself to friends & THEIR successes. I was feeling overwhelmed & a little depressed honestly. Then, I quickly ran to my Gratitude Journal & read through a few pages. I realized that I was being so hard on myself & not giving myself credit for what I have accomplished. I reminded myself that I’m not perfect but I’m working towards a better future. Sure, my business takes time, but I’m already on the train PLUS I have God on my side & He tells us to not fear & to trust Him in every aspect of my life.


Some excerpts from the Bible that helped me get out of this funk & keep running my race. Hope it helps anyone who needs a little Spiritual Inspiration.

xo, Karen


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