So for my first post months ago, I wrote about gratitude & I realized that a lot has happened since then. Things in my daily life have changed & I even stopped writing in my Gratitude Journal.

Now, I’m not gonna sit here & write all the details BUT I will share that I got the biggest reality check thanks to my loving mother. We fail to appreciate their “lectures” we hate to admit they’re right sometimes. Anyway, I wanted to share that I was starting to doubt myself again (this post is for those who have trouble believing in themselves.) I was failing to pray about it! instead I would worry. Now, being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect or my life even! As Christians it’s as if we go through more trials & temptations simply because we’re trying to stay on the right paths, going against the current. We get so caught up in ourselves & our wants & our needs failing to realize it’s not about us, it’s about Him.

So I decided to go back to my 2014 Gratitude journal & WOW! So thankful I did. I was reminded of everything I’m working towards, all my blessings which are my family, my boyfriend, my family owned business, and a few other things. I skimmed through most of it & upon closing that journal, I felt refreshed, I remembered why I’m doing all this & why I must stay strong & positive. I know what it’s like to struggle with negativity, self counciousness and insecurity even self hate. I’ve been there & hurt many people without even realizing it, it’s draining & can even lead to depression. 

So to anyone reading this, I encourage you to start a Gratitude Journal & see what happens. It doesn’t mean you write for hours, or even paragraphs, simply jot down blessings throughout the day, no matter how small. Just ten minutes daily, take some time for yourself & write. I know journaling isn’t for everyone, but it sure is a pick me up & self motivator in times of need. It’s something I’m going to keep practicing for years to come, I still don’t know what I’ll do with so many accumulated journals but when the time comes, maybe it can even help someone. So take the challenge & try it for a week & see how you like it, eventually, you’ll feel incomplete if you miss even one day! Thanks for reading.

Xo, Karen


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