Thanks giving.

So, it has been a while but life has been happening. You know, we get so caught up with our busy daily lives, we get consumed by our schedules until you have to take a short break to breathe & realize it’s okay to rest. Anyway, this is a quick update…

Thanksgiving we spent it at my aunts house as usual, and as usual it’s always a great time. The day before, we had a gratitude & worship service at church which was so beautiful. I’ve always known that it’s important to give thanks to our creator everyday simply because everything that we have and are is something He doesn’t have to give us, it’s something he gives us out of LOVE. I’m definitely thankful for my salvation & Gods amazing unending Grace, I’m also thankful for everything he allows like my family, boyfriend, clients & even having a roof over my head, the list goes on. Just very grateful I’m healthy & have people around me who love & care about me as I do them.

Recently, our up line in our business has been assisting our Nutrition club more often to check in on us and give us mini training sessions. She’s been in the Herbalife company for 11 years now & she’s a mom of two which is inspiring. She’s reached the topnlevel in the company & lives 100% off of her business, which is my dream. So I pray that with her coming more often, keeps me on my toes to push myself more & work harder in Jesus name.

I’ve also spent time with my boyfriend. Sometimes I look at him & think… How did I get so lucky? How did we go from complete strangers who happened to have joined Cross Country team to best friends & lovebirds. These past 4 years of dating + 2 years of friendship have definitely been a rollercoaster. It’s true, relationships are NOT easy but it takes 2 to make it work & effort of course. So blessed to have him.

This is my boyfriends dog, her name is Dulce and she’s the cutest. Since I don’t have pets, I enjoy seeing her hehe.

My cousins quinceañera – I can’t believe how fast time flies. She’s one of the younger generation cousins I have & to see her growing older make me feel old haha. But seriously, it’s been 7 years now since mine, I remember everyone would tell me after this night, time WILL fly. ITS TRUE! I’m grateful I was able to be a part of it & enjoy time with my dads side of the family.  

This was my other cousins quinceañera a year ago from November. These were the only generation of girls in my dads family, all the other cousins were boys… So so many boys. Now, there’s so many little girls which, I’m kinda jealous because I grew up with all my boy cousins PLUS MY 3 brothers.. Then my mom wonders why I’m no girly, ha! So just thought I’d share this fun fact.

Anyway, there’s been many other things like work, business,etc. these are just some things going on. Now, I can’t believe we’re 1 day away from DECEMBER 2015!!!!! The year flew by! I’ve started Christmas shopping to level out my expenses, so far so good.

Whelp, time for bed. Thank you for reading! 

Xoxo, Karen


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