‘Tis the season!

So this is another ‘catch up’ post! But the Holiday season is always the busiest! It can also be the most stressful BUT we cannot forget the main reason for the season: Jesus.

So there have been holiday parties left & right for work, friends, clients, etc. I’ve spent much time with family & friends celebrating the wonderful holiday season! 

Our club potluck/training; our coach & president came to our club to give us a little training on how to take care of our health ESPECIALLY during the holidays & all the abundance of unhealthy options. 

Being Hispanic, my family in both sides, mom& dad tend to make your Hispanic classics, tamales, champurrado, ponche, etc. so we get tempted to eat so much. So I’m thankful she came to give us some tips!

This was my holiday party at work (yes, that’s a snapchat post also my fave picture!) we had great dinner, fun dancing & enjoyed the photobooth & free drinks!! Definitely a great night!

Christmas potluck with just my coworkers, also our gift exchange! Hadn’t seen on of my favorite coworkers in months so it was lovely see her again. I got a gift card to forever 21 and best believe I already spent it! (Wink) 

Also my friends birthday party was fun! Saw some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long while so we caught up & it’s funny because all we can talk about is work (sigh) so yeah, great times!

The last 3 pictures are from last nights church service! It was our Chritmas kids service (kids choir& kids play) since the adult service is on Christmas Eve. It was so beautiful though, and funny! The kids are so cute, may the Lord continue blessing hem and their talents.

We were caroling outside right in front of the church, such a beautiful experience! The Lord is so good!! & im so honored and privileged to be a part of the church choir. We get to worship the King onstage & it’s so beautiful. We all had candles which made it even better. Once we finished, we went inside to watch the kids’ performances & then had hot chocolate & sweet bread after the service 🙂

All in all, this whole month has been such a great one ! Sure there will always be some iffy days or bad days BUT every day of life that we get is a great day regardless of how it goes, simply because it’s another day of life that God has given us.

So if you’re currently stressing about last minute Chrismas gifts or parties, take a second to breathe & remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Otherwise, there’s no point to anything. To God be the glory always & may you all have a wonderful Christmas ❤

Thank you for reading. Xo, Karen 🙂



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