Goal setting 2016.

So as the year comes to an end, you start to see “start working on your goals for 2016” or “make your plans and resolutions for next year.” Or many other ways.

It’s something I’ve been hearing for the past 4 years since starting my own business; and I couldn’t agree more BUT the only thing that’s changed for me this year is since I am now on a journey with God (It’s a work in progress always) I’ve learned a few things & one of them is: OUR PLANS FOR US ARE NOT GODS PLANS FOR US. That’s something I’ve also heard for many years but I didn’t get it until now, that I am actually serious & constantly working on my relationship with Jesus.

Now, I’m not here to tell you to not make plans & goals & wishes because it’s awesome to visualize yourself accomplishing your goals & dreams. The only thing I want to share is, to take into consideration & mentally prepare yourself that regardless of your plans & goals, God has an even BIGGER plan for your life. He wants nothing but the best for us& wants us to seek Him in order for Him to lead us there. So wherever you are in life, always remember that He is the one who guides us & picks us up & transforms us into who He made us to be.

So if you feel like there were things you set for yourself last year that you didn’t accomplish this year, know that it’s for a reason & sometimes we just don’t have to know the answer. Simply continue moving forward, putting in time & effort because the day will come when we finally become who God created us to be. In the meantime, we worship in the waiting room & wait on His timing.
Thank you for reading & blessing & wishes to you & yours.

Xo, Karen


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