Happy New Year!

So thankful for the new year. Thankful with The Lord for giving us another year to celebrate the life He’s given us.  

My New Years Eve started off sweet! Literally! My sweet boyfriend sent me an edible arrangement to my job; chocolate covered strawberries! They were delicious & since all my coworkers saw, I shared with them. It was definitely a wonderful beginning to my day!   


  After work, I went home to relax for a bit & helped my mom make Guatemalan Tamales (delicious!!) then I got ready for church & went with my boyfriend! Service was beautiful! We worshipped on stage & the service itself was wonderful. Such a beautiful feeling being in Gods presence especially on New Years Eve!

After service we went to his house for some BBQ Ribs his dad made & they were BOMB! We are so much though, that we fell into a food come & fell asleep for about an hour….


As a young kid, I would’ve NEVER even considered a nap during New Years Eve I guess we’re  growing up *sigh*

My bf’s mom woke us up TEN minutes before midnight & gave us party poppers & hats!

Happy New Year! We cheered with Apple Cider + really loud horns & our 12 grapes. After the first half hour my bf & I went to my side of the family to continue celebrating!

My two lovely cousins & I (we’re the oldest generation of girls in this family, my dads side & im the only one with no kids hehe) the rest are 16 & under! 

All in all, it was a great way to end 2015 & start 2016! With all my loved ones & in church.

I pray that this year, I grow more in my walk with The Lord & grow as a person, as well as in my other relationships & in my business. Blessings to all & thank you for reading.

Xo, Karen



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