Sucks that I haven’t been able to make a set schedule for posting but I’m still trying to figure out how to adult properly (hehe)

The past month, though, has been awesome & filled with great memories! Soo I thought it’d be fun to recap! 


There’s a duck park in the Valley where I live about 30 minutes away from my house so on a Sunday after church, my boyfriend, little brother & I took a stroll & stopped by to feed some duckies! I love nature & the beautiful creations God has made & it’s even more fun when you enjoy it with loved ones.


Some ‘after church’ pictures 🙂 this girl is an amazing young woman of God, I’m grateful to have met her. It’s funny because I remember seeing her around school & even at In N Out sometimes until I went to my first Youth Night almost a year ago & we had a “omg what a small world” moment 😊

It is definitely nice to see young people on fire for God especially in today’s times.


Took a random trip to the tramway with these lovely ladies. My brother was supposed to be there but he had to work & fortunately, a nice lady asked us if we wanted 3 tickets to go up the tram! It was an unexpected blessing because we weren’t even planning to buy tickets, we just went for a photo session hehe. It was an unplanned Saturday afternoon up in the snowy mountain. We also got our lunch 50% off thanks to one of their clients who happened to be working that day. Blessings Mann.. 😁


Another lovely Sunday morning/afternoon with family in Christ. I love Sunday’s so much!! I get to spend all morning in Gods prescience & worship Him. Not that I don’t spend time with Him during the week, it’s just Sunday’s are nice too.


&& of course how can I forget my most recent trip this past weekend to Disneyland❤️

Hadn’t been there since my Senior Year Gradnite trip (5 years ago!) it’s was a fun time for sure! A little crowded (a lot actually!) but we managed to enjoy the day for my boyfriends sisters birthday. Couldn’t leave without Funnel cake & corndogs mmmmhmm! 

There’s been many more fun times in between & simply some simple simply days that I also enjoy. Thankful for the wonderful memories with each passing day regardless of what I do. My God is amazing!!!

&& Lord willing, my brothers, boyfriend & I will be going to a Newsboys concert with many other Christian artists Feb. 28th. Cannot wait!!

Xo, Karen


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