A little bit of everything.

So grateful for the blessings that The Lord gives me. Going to try to keep this short and simple.

The reason i started this blog was simply to share my journey with The Lord as time goes by. Im beyond grateful for the love and support ive received for my latest posts, it isn’t much, but i didn’t really start this blog to gain an audience, simply to express myself since i love anything that has to do with writing + photography.

This was the Easter Sunrise Service at my church. It was outside so it was pretty chilly before the sun rose BUT wonderful. The Worship Team & i went on stage & sang with the Church Worshiping the Lord – nothing beats the feeling of being in Gods presence.

This was also a Church service picture {my dad + my boyfriend} i love them and am blessed to have them in my life. My mom & brothers too of course! It was the Pastors 30th Anniversary of Pastoring the Church! How amazing is that! & service was so beautiful. After, there was a bunch of food, worship & more recognition’s going on outside. Ive been attending this Church since i was 14 and everything is so different now. So beautiful to see the Work of the Lord with His people.

ALSO, I have discovered that i love painting! I first painted a bird on a tree as one of first paintings{ive always just known that drawing was my thing; until i started playing with Acrylics.} someone offered to pay for it which gave me the idea to start painting for people who ordered them from me, and were willing to pay. Im very grateful with the talent The Lord has given me, and my desire is to honor Him with all the talents Hes given me. So this little panda is one of the many paintings ive sold already – so thankful for the people who order these from me.

These are my neice’s + nephew {4 of the MANY that are in my family} they just so happen to attend the same church as my family & i because of my cousins. So happy that my cousins have introduced these little ones the way The Lord wants. I pray that as they grow older, they continue to grow in The Word & not let the things of the world blind them into thinking its okay to live in sin. Beautiful little souls {hearts}

T-minus 5 days till our 5th year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend!! Thats definitely going to be its own post ha! Lord willing we want to go to San Pedro for a little fun road trip + delicious Sea food && then make a pit stop at Sky Zone for a little more fun. I cant believe were going on 5 years! i remember when we were barely months in thinking to myself all the What if’s & but’s. Wondering if we were even going to make it to one year, then two… Its definitely not a walk in the park i tell ya! But it definitely takes two people who are willing to work through all the rough times to get to the good times. I honestly cant imagine my life without him & i pray that the Lord allows us to get married & start a family in the future. ‘Cause after all, if marriage isnt the goal, then why be in the relationship.

Well, thanks for reading! Xo, Karen.


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