So last night i had worship practice at my church, which turned out to be a leaders meeting with our Pastor! 

His wife was the one speaking to us & toward the end he came up to give us a few words. It’s such an honor to be serving The Lord with my talent of singing. I use to see it as “what much can one do with singing other than singing for the world?” &When I finally was invited to be a part of the Youth Worship team I’ve realized now how much it’s changed me. My heart is yearning to grow more & more in The Lord❤️

I used to think to myself what my talents could be, praying to The Lord to reveal to me what my talents were & when I finally started attending church the doors started opening for Ministry. Now, I get to use my voice to Glorify The Lord on stage every week & am encouraged by my brothers & sisters in Christ to continue growing in His word. It’s been a blessing – it’s changed the way I even see life & live. It’s a privilege & I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my life.

The Worship team this morning. So grateful to be a part of it & grateful for this opportunity. All the Glory to God❤️

Xoxo, Karen


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