Happy Anniversary.

This past Saturday {April 30th} was my boyfriend & I Fifth year anniversary!! So crazy how time flys so fast! I still remember the first day we met & now we’re here Five years in. So blessed to be able to still be together even after all this time & growing more in love with each passing day. 

Relationships are no walk in the park whatsoever! But thanks be to God we have made it through all the tough times {even the ones that seemed like it was all over.} Up until this point, we grow closer & stronger every time.


To celebrate, we took a trip to San Pedro, CA {2 hours away from where we live.} which consisted of a large shrimp tray + garlic bread! My family & I used to go there so often, I thought it’d be a great place for us to be, it was indeed❤️ 

Vanilla ice cream + hot fudge topped with whipped cream + peanuts & a cherry on top!! Two words: No Regrets. Oh! & did I mention on a waffle cone?! Yeah, no regrets here.


My handsome boyfriend just gets better with age❤️


I had a great day with the love of my life. He’s not only been there since High School, BUT, even before we dated he always knew how to make me smile. The funny thing is, we never once had a class in school, we met summer of 2010 in Cross Country practice. Since the very very VERY beginning I had the biggest crush on him.. Well, I could sit here and write detail by detail but I would never stop {sorrynotsorry ha!} 

Anyway, so thankful that God has allowed us to be in each others life & I pray for many many more years of love + friendship. How lucky am I to be I love with my High School Sweetheart ❤️

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, Karen.


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