To God Be The Glory.

All I can do is thank The Lord for this. There are not enough words to describe how full of gratitude my heart is for this moment. Seeing my little brother & boyfriend get Baptized this past weekend was the best feeling ever!! 

When we met, my boyfriend {who was just my crush} at the time wanted nothing to do with The Lord. We had many issues over this the past few years BUT prayer is powerful & to God be the Glory❤️ 

I could sit here & write every detail, but all I can say is thank you to The Lord for working in their hearts & for giving them the desire to walk in obedience to His word.

My little brother❤️

I remember my baptism like if it was yesterday! The feeling that stirs in your heart the moment the brothers are praying for you & your life. & the moment they say “… I baptize you in the name of The Father, The Son & The HolySpirit.” & dip you in is a feeling you never forget. 3 years later & I still remember it like if it was yesterday.❤️❤️

I pray that The Lord continues to work in their hearts & lives. That they may grow stronger in their walk with The Lord. Accepting Jesus as your Lord & Saviour is thee best decision you’ll ever make in your entire life!

Also, I’ve been practicing my Calligraphy lately & I love it❤️


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