Congrats Grad!

On June 1st my little brother graduated High School! So crazy how time flies! I still remember my first day of FRESHMAN year {for some reason, my brain keeps very old memories.} feeling lost looking no for classes & trying to figure out where the hangout spot will be. 

SOPHOMORE year comes & you have a pretty good idea of what goes on. By that time, I was already involved in performing arts; theater/choir. That’s where I discovered I belonged there. It was also the time I realized my friends weren’t into performing arts, they kinda just floated through High School so we started drifting. That summer after 10th grade, I joined Cross Country where I met the love of my life {5 years together now.} waking up at 4am to go running with the whole team was SO worth it ’cause I got to see him LOL.

JUNIOR year comes & you finally start to feel cool cause you’re considered upperclassmen {cool glasses emoji} LOL by that time, I was in Concert Choir helping out as Stage Manager for the school play + musical + running in the cross country team. My favorite thing about being involved in activities meant leaving during school hours for races, concerts, field trips, etc. the feeling of getting up in the middle of class to leave was too cool ha!

SENIOR year comes & you just feel too awesome walking into school {not realizing you’re so tiny no one even knows you’re a senior 😂} getting to skip class because you have full credits completed &/or you get to take nothing but electives for the same reason, or you simply have the famous senioritis. By the end of my senior year, I had a completely different group of friends {still keep in touch w. My old friends❤️} + was even more involved in Performing arts! & slowly you start to feel the pressure of growing up! With teachers claiming they’re preparing you for the future only to realize you learn nothing about the real life in High School.

& at last… I graduation! The feeling of accomplishment AND freedom! Thanking The Lord & your loved ones for this first stepping stone in your life. So here I leave you with pictures of my {not so little} brothers Graduation. Congrats 2016 Grads 🎓

Crazy to think that 5 years ago I was walking the same stage to receive my diploma! School is on hold for me since I have my own business, but I would like to go back & finish what I started. Praying to The Lord that he give me the strength & wisdom to juggle Ministry, Work, My business & school in the fall. 

Thank you for reading! Xoxo, Karen❤️


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