Vacation Bible School

Definitely been MIA but nothing short of a fun summer so far! Last week we Wrapped up KidS Vacation Bible School at my church. I was the Crafts coordinator for the 4th – 5th graders & it was a great experience!!

Didn’t take much pictures due to the fact that I wasn’t really on my phone + we were too busy learning & teaching more about The Lord. There were about 280 kids & over 70 crew leaders so you can imagine how hectic our church was 😋 in our group alone there were about 50 kids so it wasn’t too bad.

There were 3 different groups: K-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade & then us 4th-5th grade! I’m grateful we got the bigger kids, they were more understanding hehe.

A full week learning about God word, playing games related to the teachings as well as crafts & snacks! 

All in all it was a great experience and I thank The Lord for this opportunity!! Even more grateful I got to do it with my boyfriend by my side❤️

Definitely looking forward to Youth VBS later this month! 


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