So this is a long overdue post BUT for my boyfriends birthday, I gifted him with Skydiving tickets!! We invited some of my family. + two of our friends who were also willing to jump off a plane with us ha!

We borrowed my parents truck & we’re off to San Diego CA. {2 hrs & a half away from where we live.} We arrived, signed some waver, finished paying our tickets & off we were to get some training. Within 1 hr of arrival, we were ready to board our planes.

We were separated in 2 groups since there were some students in training. My two cousins & little brother jumped first!

I only posted this because my boyfriend looks like he was rethinking his whole life {lol.}

This was our entire group! We were all extremely nervous but the staff was so chill, they made us feel welcome & secure about jumping off of a plane 13,000 ft up in the sky. Plus, we only fell at 120+ mph so no biggie.

We all volunteered my boyfriend to jump first since it was his birthday, I jumped second. The moment I saw my boyfriend disappear into the sky, I kinda freaked out & it happened so fast. Before I knew it, my instructor was already at the edge of the plane door & he didn’t even give me a countdown or anything, he just jumped!!

It was AMAZING! that word is not even enough to describe the experience. Once you’re falling, it just feels so unreal! It gets even better when the parachute opens, you’re just slowly falling & enjoying the amazing views! I loved every second of itā¤ļø

We then went down to Mission Beach about 20 min from where we skydiver & enjoyed a delicious lunch + some fun time at the beach. The trip turned out even better than I imagined & everyone that we went with made the experience way better!! I thank The Lord for giving my boyfriend another year of life, plus allowing us to enjoy this trip & arrive home safe & sound. Ā I would honestly skydive again!


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