Twenty-three 🎀

Ya girl is now 23 years of age!! All I can do is thank God for another year of life. The past year was definitely a great one {see previous post for details 🌸} so now, I’m hoping & praying this next year is better Lord willing! 

Adventure time!
Next stop: Catalina Island

My sweet boyfriend took me to Catalina Island in Avalon, CA. We left through the Long Beach Port {second time being on a boat!} which took us on a 45 min boat ride to the actual island. The island was beyond beautiful! Everything was walking distance and my boyfriend and I couldn’t get over how awesome it would be to live there! They had no vehicles, all you saw around you were golf carts, bikes ,scooters, motorcycles and many runners. 
We explored as much as we could until we got hungry and went hunting for a delicious restaurant! 

Coney Island

Honestly, looking at this picture makes me crave this very meal again! It was soooooo delicious! The meat on that burger tasted so fresh and well seasoned. The fries were so crispy with a delicious seasoning that didn’t even need to be dipped in ketchup to be honest. My boyfriend ordered some Chili Cheese fries and the chili tasted so fresh, it wasn’t over-salted like most chili fries I’ve tried in my city. All in all, we were extremely satisfied!

We then went off to take a tour on a Glass Bottom boat & were able to see so much fish it was insane!! I love the Island water, it’s super clear we were even able to see the very bottom of the ocean!! 

After our tour was over, we had 2 more hours before our boat ride back to Long Beach, so we went to find on of the many open beaches on the island, sat down & ate ice cream from a shop that served handmade ice cream {gelato} we even went for seconds on our walk back to the boat! We were so tired from walking all morning, that we took a little nap by the beach which was so relaxing. I’ve never done that before so I was in paradise 🌴 After our nap, we packed our stuff & took off to board our boat! I didn’t want to leave but I knew it had to come to an end eventually.

This was our view from the boat upon arriving & leaving the Island! It’s crazy how we literally saw the division between the ocean waters {it was so much more blue on the Catalina side.} it was also really cloudy in Long Beach, & not a cloud in the sky on the island.

Most definitely a great wonderful birthday! I would definitely go back to Avalon, but this time for a 2 day stay to capture more of the island! I thank God for allowing us to have a safe trip and for another year of life. I. Super thankful for everyone who took the time to wish me a great birthday, some even said some sweet words which made my heart happy. & im super thankful for my boyfriend who made my birthday extra special💕

Since my little brother & I are September babies, my family decided to take us out for dinner, it was lovely.🌸


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