I’ve been wanting to post about Ministry – it has now been a little over a year that I’ve been involved in Ministry at my church and it has been the best year in my life yet!

I had a friend on Instagram that went to my church & I would see how she constantly posted events, youth nights and what not and I waited probably a little less than a year to ask her what days they reunited and if I could come.  Thanks to her for replying to me and extending an invitation to a youth night the following week, I took my boyfriend and younger brother since I didn’t want to go alone. Everyone was so welcoming and I absolutely loved it I started going every week with my boyfriend and brother.

One random day {about 2 months after I started going} the same girl who invited me messaged me on Twitter {we still hadn’t exchanged phones.} asking if I wanted to be a Crew Leader for the Vacation Bible School they were planning a few months later and I said yes! I went to the meetings and slowly got to know more people! Vacation Bible School came and even though I was nervous, I continued to grow closer to the students and we finished in 4th place! {I posted about it last year!} The last day when it was over {VBS is a week long.} the Worship leader, Jonah asked if I wanted to be in the Church choir!!! {he discovered I liked singing in one of the Youth Nights; one of my hearts desires since High School.} I said yes and he asked me to show up Tuesday of the following week!

Yesterday marked a year and 2 months! It has honestly been the best months of my life! But it doesn’t end there… recently the pastors son asked if I wanted to be a Sunday School teachers assistant for preschoolers + high schoolers. Idk what the Lord has planned for my life, but the more involved I get in Ministry, the more He opens doors for me!! All thanks to Kim for opening the door to an invitation! She has no idea how grateful I am and that through her, God has opened doors for me in my church.

Just a few pics of the choir! I accepted the Lord in my heart at 14, got baptized at 19 and am now serving The Lord at 23. No Christian walk is easy, a lot of people label us as fake, judgemental, etc. but I’ve learned that being a Christian doesn’t make us perfect. We’re human and we fall short every single day BUT we serve a merciful God who died for our undeserving selves and no matter what I do, nothing will ever make me deserve Gods unending grace in my life. Without Him I am nothing. It is a privilege to serve in Ministry, not a right! Thank you for reading.

Xoxo, Karen


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