Well, hello 

Well hello there! It has definitely been some time since I’ve blogged anything, but all I can say is that God is sooo good!!

Currently, I am finally enrolled in school once again, but this time its Bible College for my AA! It has been nothing but a blessing in my life, as well as my brothers and boyfriends lives. Its given me an opportunity to learn more about Gods word, grow in my relationship with Him, and learn more about fellowship, as well as strengthen my friendships with my brother’s and sister’s in Christ! After all, we really see each other more often than once or twice a week!

The fact that this “going back to school” opportunity came to my church is what amazed me! My boyfriend and I had been looking for plenty of ways to go back to school but everything was so expensive & unfortunately didn’t qualify for financial aid – we were honestly on the verge of giving up the whole school idea.

Until our pastor mentioned that they were trying to bring an extension for a credited college to our very own church [did I mention God is good?!] & that’s when I knew that The Lord definitely wanted me back in school 🙂

My point for this blog is pretty much just reflecting on God’s plan for my life. Now, I know that I have absolutely no idea of where He is taking me, or what His full plan for my life is. Right now, I’m just focusing on growing where I am planted! Bible school, Ministry, Sunday school teacher for Pre-schoolers + my full time job in the morning as a Front Desk Agent. I look back at about two years ago and realize I am not anywhere near where I used to be! I can definitely say its a new season in my life, and I am enjoying it very much. Sure, it gets tiring sometimes and I feel exhausted but it actually feels worth it because its all for Gods glory and that is honestly the only reason and motivation I need to keep me going.

I have been influenced and blessed by many brothers and sisters in Christ that have encouraged me throughout these couple of years to continue my walk with The Lord and have also included me in activities and events and I simply cannot even begin to express how grateful and thankful I am for each one of them. No matter how much I say it, they will truly not ever know how thankful I am for them, so I just pray that God pours His abundant love, grace and blessings over their lives.

Also, my little brother recently graduated from High School!! So crazy to think that my youngest sibling is now all grown up! One thing is for sure, as we get older, I’m definitely learning to appreciate my parents and all their sacrifices for us more and more each day. Especially because as we grow older looking for our own path in life, they’re growing older, too. My heart rejoices though, simply because my house and I serve The Lord 🙂

Thank you for reading, there is definitely more where that came from but for now, that’s all. Blessing to all!! 🙂

Ps. Here are some more pics! ❤️


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