My church hosted Kids Vacation Bible School this past week & let me tell you… it was a blessing!I believe there were over 115 Crew Leaders from church helping & about 200 kids (more or less!) but nonetheless, it was a great time teaching the kids more about Jesus & just simply being used to bring forth the message to many children who aren’t even members of our church.


I was the crew leader for the Crafts section in the 4th – 5th grade; it was a fun time preparing the crafts & narrowing down the lesson since we only had about 20 minutes each leader with their section. There were 3 different grade level groups – I’m thankful I got to work with the ‘bigger’ kids since I feel they are a little more understanding but also “too cool” for these events anymore! It was a little hard the first 2 days to get them to engage more, they were not really contributing, but that’s usually how it always goes & eventually they open up.

The theme this year was Galactic Starveyors which was all based on the book of Genesis & how God created the heavens & the earth. We had a memory verse each day from a different Book in the Bible that related to the theme & there were about 5 different sections the kids would travel too + a Worship session with our Worship Leader & his wife 🙂

All in all, I honestly had a blast watching the children have a good time especially learning Gods Word through games, worship, crafts & Bible story time. Its crazy to me how fast time flies; this is my 4th time being a Crew leader & it gets better every time! Looking back, I wish I would’ve participated in one as a kid but I wasn’t even in that church yet ha! But I definitely feel a great privilege serving in ministry but my most favorite privilege that I have is serving the Lord with my Voice every week & singing praises to Him!


Also! This past weekend, my worship leader, his wife, another sister from church & I, went to a Youth Workers training at our Bible College campus! It’s was such a blessing to be there as well! We realized how much need today’s Youth is in & our hearts are heavy for them to learn about Gods amazing grace. We got training from a few pastors with the same vision & mission & im praying to The Lord to give us the strength & recourses we need to reach out to the youth, especially in our church. 

We stayed at a nice little hotel about 20 min away from the school which was really nice plus we got complimentary breakfast {bonus!} & my team member rate {yay for Hhonors!} so it was well worth it.

Next year Lord willing we will be doing our first Missionary trip to Nicaragua to minister to people over there + help build restrooms to the churches out there. In Novemver, we also have a Youth Convcntion {my first one!} so I’m looking forward to that! All in all, my journey with God is something unexplainably amazing! I’m always at the edge of my seat wondering & waiting for the next step – as long as I’m in His hands, whom shall I fear!

Thank you for reading! Xoxo, Karen 🌻 


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