Hello there, my name is Karen🌻

I am a 24 year old with a mind full of thoughts ready to be written! I started this blog to simply express myself {also an aspiring writer} + express my ideas & creativity with anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog so its kinda all over the place.

Growing up, I enjoyed finding & reading different blogs especially personal blogs. Simply because I loved seeing the real life stories behind the ‘picture perfect social media world’ – it was a glimpse into a real persons daily struggles, triumphs, goals, life, etc.

I also found that I enjoyed blogging & took the leap to start this one – because I’ve always loved writing, journaling, crafting etc. This blog is a little more out of my element though, simply because I’m blasting my life for many to see (also I’ve always been very introverted)  but if I can be of help, inspiration or even bring someone to the feet of Jesus with a simple blog like this, then count me in!

I am a health & wellness coach +  involved in Ministry at my church & this is the place that I decided to start up to be able to share my experiences & my journey with The Lord + my journey career-wise {Lord Willing}. I try to keep a positive mindset even in the toughest of times & I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing❤️

I have been working on writing my testimony to share how God has transformed me + my life, until then, I do hope to grow from this experience as well as meet people with the same interests.

So here you will find: {thoughts} {ideas} {posts about my faith} {art} {photography} or even {health & wellness.}

 Don’t be shy & say hello!

Blessings to you, KarenQ🌻


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